The Magic behind PartsMagic

A successful project starts with knowing what you have and where it is. Then get just what you need.

In Summary...


No more losing things. Putting your parts into PartsMagic lets you find them again using your mobile device. It also builds a searchable, shareable, and saleable inventory of your parts and replaces paper lists and notes that get lost or are never where you need them to be.

Find Your Parts When You Need Them

PartsMagic lets you see what you have without digging for parts. Instead of having boxes of parts lost and forgotten in unknown condition, or parts sitting unprotected on shelves so you can see them, PartsMagic lets you box and stack your stuff - maximizing shelf space and keeping stuff clean. If your phone is in your pocket, your project inventory is at your fingertips. No matter where you are. Did you finally sell that rare part? PartsMagic will lead you right to it so you can ship it immediately.

Buy Only the Parts you Need

Inventorying your parts helps you tremendously. Have you ever bought a duplicate part? Have you ever passed on a part it turned out later that you needed? Do you have a question about an obscure detail of a part? When it comes time to buy, the PartsMagic Marketplace lets you find what you need quickly and easily, ask questions easily, and doesn't hassle you with ads or force you to look at irrelevant parts.

Sell Your Extra Parts

If you have parts to sell, PartsMagic's ease of use and focused browsing gets your items into the system and in front of interested buyers pronto. After the sale, when the app beeps, you've found your Part so you know you're shipping the right thing. Or you can task an assistant with finding, boxing, and shipping stuff while you focus on your projects.

If You Help Fellow Enthusiasts...

Share your expertise through comments and votes that help fellow enthusiasts get their projects sorted out and moving in the right direction.

...We'll Help You

PartsMagic rewards your positive participation in the community with lower subscription costs.

Using PartsMagic

Tools should be simple. You work on cars your way and tools are there to help you. Organize your parts in PartsMagic the way you want to. PartsMagic isn't here to force you to do everything in a "new" way, it's here to help you do your projects your way, just more easily.

Photograph It

Adding a Part to PartsMagic starts with photographs. Once you've snapped a few photographs of your Part through PartsMagic, add a Description and whatever detail you know about it or feel like entering. You can always come back later and add the details. If you allow other PartsMagic users to view your parts, the community will contribute helpful information too.

Tag it

After you've photographed it, print out the PartsMagic Label. PartsMagic provides portable, wireless printers that connect seamlessly to PartsMagic and print onto small adhesive labels. We highly recommend these, but you can print the PartsMagic Label on any printer you have. You can also purchase pre-printed labels from PartsMagic if you have enough devices in your life.

Bag it

Toss the Part and its hardware into a bag - sealable plastic bags of various sizes work great - and stick on the Label. For larger parts get some wire tags. You'll be pleasantly surprised how efficiently you can use your storage space when you have all your parts in boxes and bags, and how clean stuff stays until you are ready to work on it, and how infrequently you need to dig your parts out and refer to them once they are in PartsMagic.

That's it

That's not really all there is of course. PartsMagic gives you the information you want about your parts at a glance, organized by project or box if you want it that way, easy tracking of everything you've sold, the value of your parts inventory, how much you've made selling parts, if you've installed the part on a car or not, plus a fun and friendly community ready to chime in and answer questions anytime. But you can delve into these features as much as you want at your leisure.

Use Cases

Using PartsMagic When Starting a Project

The new project car just rolled off the trailer into your driveway. This is the best time to bring PartsMagic into the picture and capture the initial state of the car. Create a Project for the vehicle, and get started.

Incorporating PartsMagic Into Your Existing Project

Start gathering boxes and bags, then spend an enjoyable afternoon going through your shelves and piles of parts. Photograph then with PartsMagic, add whatever information you remember off the top of your head, bag and tag them. Log in to PartsMagic later on from the comfort of your living room and fill in the details.

PartsMagic as a Sales Platform

If you have parts to sell, PartsMagic lets you build up your sales inventory quickly and easily, and gets parts in front of buyers without the distraction of ads or unrelated items. If you don't know every last detail about what certain parts in your inventory are or what they are for, the PartsMagic community can help fill in missing details so the right people get the right parts.


You subscribe to PartsMagic the same way you subscribe to any other service. PartsMagic is completely transparent about costs, here's what you get for your money:

You can sign up for a free account. Use your free account to buy parts.

You can sign up for an enthusiast account for $10/month. The enthusiast account allows you to add up to 250 parts to PartsMagic - use our inventory system, trade them, sell them, research them. It's up to you. The enthusiast account is for the individual car nut.

You can sign up for a professional account for $20/month. The professional account allows you to add as many parts as you want to PartsMagic. The professional account is for people who need a sales platform for large numbers of parts or for commercial shops.

If you sell a Part and complete the transaction through the PartsMagic sales mechanism, there is a nominal charge of $0.50. If you want to complete a sale directly with a fellow user outside of PartsMagic, you are free to do so.


PartsMagic is made up of users who have questions about their Parts, and users who have expertise in different areas. If you provide helpful and constructive comments to other users, PartsMagic will reduce your subscription cost.

For every comment you make on someone else's Part that the Part Owner marks as helpful, you get $0.10 off your subscription that month.

Terms and Conditions

PartsMagic is owned and run by fellow car enthusiasts who are dedicated to building a successful product and who understand your needs. We built PartsMagic for us to use but we think it's too great to keep to ourselves.

Data we collect about you:
None. PartsMagic keeps nothing beyond what it needs to run. Your life is yours.

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None. PartsMagic is happy to provide an ad-free experience for all users.

None. PartsMagic uses functional cookies only. Advertisers, social media sites (aka advertisers) and "analytics partners" (aka advertisers) use cookies to track everything you do online. PartsMagic does not participate in the surveillance economy.

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PartsMagic is grateful for the expertise and knowledge in our user community and provides a place for that information to live and for other enthusiasts to find and enjoy it. PartsMagic will not assume ownership of it, market with it, or otherwise claim it as our own or use it to make assumptions about you.

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Bryan Gunn and Eric Weglarz founded PartsMagic in 2019. We are happy to share PartsMagic with our fellow car enthusiasts, and since we're just starting out subscription costs are very low. Contact us for an account.:



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